7 Great Tips for Cleaning Your Child’s Toys Easily and Quickly

A baby makes you extremely busy. While you have to pay attention to her/his milk and water bottles, diapers and meals, one more addition to keep you busy is their toys. Your baby drags toys all over the house and even outside and then puts them in mouth. This very fact is enough to scare you with the thought of harmful germs and microorganisms entering your baby’s body. But how can you take time to clean all those toys from your busy schedule? Here are some tips.

Easily and Quickly

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1. Put them in Washing Machine

Fortunately most plush toys need just a whirl in the washing machine to become as good and clean as new. Just make sure that you read the labels first for special instructions if any. You don’t want to have wrong temperature of water or setting of dryer so as to make your baby’s beloved Teddy, Cuttlefish or Kitty look horrible. For hard plastic toys, put them in a mesh bag and wash them.

2. Put them in Dishwasher

You can also clean your kid’s toys in your dishwasher. The dishwasher hot water and detergent will clean and disinfect all the toys. If you don’t have a dishwasher, put all the toys in your sink with hot water and your dish detergent, and wash them by hand just as you wash dishes and utensils.

3. Wooden Toys and Electronic Toys

If you have wooden toys and toys with electric or electronic components bought from Little Smiles for example, you obviously cannot clean them with the above two options. Such toys should be individually dusted and disinfected.

4. Use Bleach

While washing the toys, consider mixing a half cup of bleach with the water in your washing machine or dishwasher. If you are washing them in sink, add a half cup of bleach per gallon of water, let the toys soak for around five minutes and rinse.

Some parents have a separate bin allotted strictly for gathering and disinfecting contaminated toys. Thus, once the toy gets slobbered on or hits the dirty ground, it is placed directly in the bin and becomes inaccessible for children. Then water and bleach are added directly to the bin and toys are easily cleaned. This is a great option to ensure that your children don’t come in contact with harmful germs on toys and don’t become ill.

Easily and Quickly...

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5. Use Vinegar

Vinegar is a simpler and more natural solution to clean toys. Mix white vinegar and water in equal parts to a spray bottle. Spray dirty toys with this solution and keep them aside for around 15 minutes. Make sure that you wipe out any traces of the solution to reduce the lingering smell of vinegar. This method is great for hard toys but isn’t recommended for plush toys.

6. Cleaning Outdoor Toys

If you have outdoor toys, like Little Smiles wholesale outdoor toys, such as sandboxes, little gyms and play houses, you are at a risk of having E. coli from bugs, birds, pets and visiting animals. So, it becomes essential to clean and disinfect these toys on a regular basis. You can make use of sanitizing wipes or spray sanitizer, or just use hot soapy water and clean them nicely with your garden hose.

7. Cleaning Secondhand Toys

If you have secondhand toys bought from garage sales and flea markets, or gifted by generous neighbours or relatives, you should clean them using a weak bleach solution. Make sure that you rinse them well and dry completely.

Clean toys with these methods easily and quickly, and ensure your child’s health while having fun.


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